New vendors wanted!

Are you a business based in Clackmannanshire? Yes? We’d love you to start selling your products and services on Alloa First online shop and get you and your business selling where people are buying – online.

Are you…

Alloa First BID member?

FREE forever
  • 2% Stripe fee
  • Add unlimited products
  • Dedicated Digital Support Manager
  • Dedicated delivery driver
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Easy stock management
  • Easy to use app
bid pAYER

Not a BID member?

But based in Clacks
  • 5% Commission
  • Add unlimited products
  • Dedicated digital support manager
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Easy stock managment
  • Easy to use app
How much do I pay?

If you’re in the Alloa bid area, there is a free sign up. Just your 2% commission fees.

If you’re out with the bid area, it’s free for the first six months then £20 p/month after that, with 5% commission fees. 

I don't offer deliveries personally

We have our own delivery drivers who come straight to you, the vendor and take it straight to your customer! Available 5 days a week.

Do I need to create an account?

We advise you do create an account to access your orders, order history, add favourites. You can order without creating an account if you are in a rush.

I'm not based in Alloa High Street!

You don’t have to be! We offer vendors from around Clacks to join our site. Charges vary depending if you’re in the bid area.

How do I start selling?

This is the go-to guide to get yourself signed up on our Alloa First shop.

Step 1.

Create an account

When signing up for your account, remember to select the ‘I’m a vendor’ box.
Step 2.

Connect your Stripe account

All vendors require an online payment gateway for seamless payments. Alloa First uses Stripe as and so will you. If you already have a Stripe account, you can easily connect your account. If you don’t, you will need to set one up at https://stripe.com/gb

It should only take a few minutes for you to set up. 

Step 3.

Add shipping details

We offer deliveries 5 days a week, if you don’t wish to every day, or you’re only open on certain days, you can amend this here.

Step 4.

And, finally add your products

Add your products to your shop, clicking the link above for our support site showing you how to add standard products and variables.

We have a dedicated website to help support videos and a link to call us if you would like more help and support. 



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